Engagement with Impact

Exciting development at ‘Engagement with Impact’ to bring a blended learning experience to our learners

I am really excited to announce that here at ‘Engagement with Impact’ we have been evolving and adapting as our community has. We are officially launching our range of on-demand, self-paced, asynchronous learning opportunities in all things public engagement. Topics include:

💡Public Engagement 101
💡Three minute pitch
💡Engaging the media
💡Evaluating your impact
💡Engagement with impact

As a researcher developer I completely understand the need to flex and cater to different needs of different groups of learners. To cater to these needs we can create bespoke programmes of learning that balance live and interactive sessions with asynchronous, on-demand learning. Does this sound ideal for your learners? Get in touch now: drsophiemorris@outlook.com


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