About me

My journey in public engagement started with my PhD in Cancer Immunotherapies almost 7 years ago (time flies fast when you are having fun!). After the successful delivery of different projects I realised how much I believed in genuine two-way dialogue with the public more than sitting in a lab with my pipette.

Merging my experience as a public engagement professional with my passion for quality education I took the leap to become a freelance trainer. Current projects include developing training for different charities, societies and universities across the UK and beyond in communication skills, public engagement project management, and engagement with impact. I also balance my freelance work with my part-time role as a Researcher Developer at Edinburgh Napier University.

Here is a visual summary of my background. It represents my experiences, projects I have worked/ am working on and instiutions I have worked/am working with. Intruiged? Want to find out more? Drop me a message here.

Visual summary