Workshops and Resources

Here at ‘Engagement with Impact’ we have been working hard to bring a blend of different learning formates to our learners. We are now offering live workshops, on-demand resources and an exciting new blended approach of the two.

This blended approach combines our on-demand resources with live, interactive tutorials offering case-study based work, 1:1 support and peer-peer working and learning.

Find out about our learning courses below and get in touch to find out more.

Public Engagement 101: The what, why and how of public engagement

Thinking of dipping a toe into public engagement? Join this workshop to learn about different methods of engagement, knowing your target audiences, and how to tailor your engagement activities to them. We will also explore the role that public engagement plays in our society.

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Three Minute Pitch: Communicating your research to a non-specialist audience

Need to communicate to a non-specialist audience and get your key points across in a short space of time? This interactive workshop is a perfect chance to work on your communication and presentation skills by developing an elevator pitch which you can use to engage with non-specialist audiences. You will work through getting to know your target audience (and what they may want to hear) and working out your pitch structure before giving it a go yourself!

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Writing for public audiences

  • Have an exciting research story that you want to write about?
  • Wondering how to pitch your research?
  • Need to identify the best medium to optimise the reach of your story

This interactive workshop is a perfect chance to work on your writing skills. You will think about how to write your research story for public audiences, who your target audiences may be and how to get the most impact out of the written word. We will also explore where you can go with your research stories and how to reach the public through different platforms.

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Public Engagement Role Play: Getting to know your target audience

  • Do you want to start thinking about who your target audience are?
  • Want to start considering the diversity and needs of your target audience?
  • Looking to gain confidence in communicating with your target audience?

Then this live, interactive workshop is for you!

This interactive workshop is all about putting yourself in the shoes of your target audience and getting to know them! You will explore who your target audience may be, what may motivate them to engage, and what sorts of questions they are likely to ask you before ‘becoming’ a target audience member yourself.

By making audience profiles you will explore your role in making your engagement accessible to your target audience, whilst taking into consideration their diversity and their individual needs. Through role-play with your audience profiles you will have the opportunity to explore your target audience, whilst also developing confidence in your communication and presentation skill as you become “the communicator” and practice being asked those tricky questions!

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Getting practical: Public engagement project management

  • Wanting to get started in making a public engagement project plan?
  • Wondering about your stakeholders, budgeting and the “paperwork” side of things?
  • Reflecting on the impact you want to achieve and how you will evaluate it?

Then this live, interactive workshop is for you!

This interactive online-workshop will guide you through how to plan and deliver your public engagement project to make it a success. By using case studies you will think about all the things required of a public engagement project, such as: planning your impacts, thinking about your stakeholders, budgeting, evaluation and much more before you will have the opportunity to think about your very own public engagement project.

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Engagement with impact: How to manage and evaluate the impact arising from your project

Thinking about what sorts of outcomes and impacts your project aims to achieve? Trying to work out how to evaluate your public engagement project? By working through a case study you will learn how to use the logic model framework as a tool to plan and evaluate your impact before using the framework to explore your very own public engagement project.

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Evaluating your impact: Going above and beyond the evaluation form

This interactive workshop is about going above and beyond with your evaluation. Using an evaluation plan you will be getting creative with your evaluation techniques as you work through a range of methodologies commonly used in impact projects.  We will discuss the pros and cons of different evaluation techniques before having a go at a case study and having the opportunity to think about your very own project.

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