Engagement with Impact Series

The ‘Engagement with Impact’ workshops are an in-depth, interactive and practical look at how to plan, deliver and evaluate impact with engagement.  

The workshops facilitate case-study based learning before participants have a go at working on their very own projects- meaning researchers take something practical away with them every single session! With group learning the workshops also facilitate peer-peer feedback and support- which has proven to be a very successful networking opportunity.  

Although participants enjoy and benefit from attending the whole ‘Engagement with Impact’ series, the sessions are designed to be delivered in bite-size 2 hour chunks that mean flexibility for the attendees.   

Workshop duration: 2 hours each  

Method of delivery: Online, live workshops 

Workshop overviews

Workshop 1: Planning

How to plan and design an impactful engagement project  

Thinking about what sorts of outcomes and impacts your project aims to achieve

By working through a case study you will learn how to use the logic model framework as a tool to plan and design your impact. Attendees will learn the difference between impact, outcomes and outputs before using the logic model framework to plan for impact with their own engagement projects.  

Workshop 2: Delivering

How to deliver with impact 

Need to communicate to a non-specialist audience and get your key points across in a short space of time?  

This interactive workshop is a perfect chance to work on your communication and presentation skills by developing an elevator pitch which you can use to engage with non-specialist audiences. You will work through getting to know your target audience (and what they may want to hear) and working out your pitch structure before giving it a go yourself

Workshop 3: Evaluating

How to evaluate your impact 

Trying to go above and beyond a feedback form?  

his interactive workshop is about going above and beyond with your evaluation skills. Using an evaluation plan you will be getting creative with your evaluation techniques as you work through a range of methodologies commonly used in impact projects.  We will discuss the pros and cons of different evaluation techniques before having a go at a case study and having the opportunity to think about your very own project.